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And before telling the teacher about your choice, be sure to open the Internet, look through the textbooks and see if there is information on this topic and how much. Naturally, choose the topic about which you can find the most information.

But in any case, I hope, you understand that at least with the choice of the topic is not worth it. After all, the earlier you ask this question, the more topics you will have to choose from. And if you pull, then your classmates will snatch all the most interesting and understandable topics, and you will get what the “dark forest” and you, and, possibly, even our assistant – the Internet.

When writing a course work, it is necessary to make references to authors, quote various books and textbooks, not forgetting to put footnotes. When your supervisor reviews your course work, he will probably notice that you have used the scientific works of well-known authors in your work, so your teacher will understand that you have spent a lot of time writing the course work. Open a tutorial on the topic and use the quotes that the author of your textbook uses! It is these quotations that the teacher will most highly appreciate, for he, unlike you, already knows all the works of respected scientists in his specialty. Besides references to various textbooks and books, it would be good to insert links to monographs, dissertations of famous authors and scientific journals on your topic  dissertation lengths Uf dissertation award.

To at least something she attracted you. Or it should be a topic whose excellent knowledge you would be very useful in further work. Also do not be afraid to try to correct the topic to your own interests, slightly narrowing it or turning it in a slightly different direction. Just inform your supervisor in advance. Usually teachers do not protest at all.

You can also go the easy way if you already have some work on one of the topics, maybe you wrote an abstract or made a report … Use them in the coursework dissertation lengths!

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