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At the end of each paragraph, you need to formulate brief, meaningful conclusions. In the future, these conclusions will form the basis of the conclusion. At the conclusion of the conclusion, draw a general conclusion to all the analytical essay that will reflect the result of achieving the goal set at the beginning of the study. Each subsequent paragraph should be linked to the previous one. Coursework in literature is a holistic result of your work. Despite the fact that it is divided into chapters and paragraphs. In order to relate the paragraphs, we recommend using expressions such as ‘In the previous paragraph we considered …’ or ‘As was indicated in the previous paragraph …’. Note that the work on writing a course you are doing in conjunction with the supervisor, so it is not acceptable to use the pronoun ‘I’, replace it with ‘we’ essay checker.

The list of literature is compiled in alphabetical order. To its size was quite impressive, indicate not only the literature that you used to write the work, but also books that are of theoretical importance for the study of the topic. At the beginning of the list are scientific works, monographs, then periodical literature and at the end of the link to sources on the Internet. State standards on the compilation of the list of literature have the property to change, so to avoid problems with its compilation, ask the scientific leader what the latest requirements are good argumentative essay topics.

Writing an introduction to work. This integral part of the study, in which you point out the relevance of your research, determine the purpose and the problems arising from it. For example, analytical essay to identify the main features of poetry of the Soviet era – this is your goal. To achieve this goal, the following tasks should be performed: to study the history of poetry of the Soviet era, get acquainted with the works of important representatives of the period, identify the main features characteristic of the poetry of the direction you are studying. However, you can specify the names of literary scholars whose works were used to write the course work.

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